Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hair, Make-up and Braces?

I had to "squeeze in" my patient Miguel of www.MiguelTorresWeddings.com because he is a wedding photographer and it's wedding season. I was surprised to hear from Miguel that brides (and grooms too) after being so careful about getting everything (hair, make-up, gown, suit) just perfect sometimes have to reject an otherwise beautiful photograph because someone's teeth did not look good. If only brides and grooms had the foresight to wear their retainers (or get new ones) just a few weeks before the wedding, they would be ready for those smiling close-ups. A pre-wedding cleaning and whitening will go along way as would polishing out chipped edges and replacing stained fillings.
I informed Miguel that couples with more severe orthodontic problems can enjoy significant improvement of their smile simply by wearing a nighttime retainer for as little as 6 months.
Even the most crooked teeth can be aligned quite quickly using accelerated orthodontics. Accelerated orthodontics is a combination of braces or clear aligners (www.invisalign.com) and gum surgery that works in harmony to allow teeth to move twice as fast as normal (www.wilodontic.com).
To all those couples tying the knot this season may your hair, make-up and smile be perfect for your special day. And for all those couples that are planning that picture perfect day in 2011 0r 2012, log on to www.orthodontic2ndopinion.com and realize your true potential.

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